• consulting

    After years of maintaining separate identities for my client-based and organizational work, I realized that — underneath it all — they are one and the same. I’m a person who listens deeply. I listen deeply when someone is telling me their story or their idea, and I listen deeply when a founder or Executive Director […]

  • To Find Your Story, Try Starting From The End

    We’ve all got things we’ve learned along the way, and when we’re in the public eye, people expect us to deliver our nuggets of wisdom in ways that are entertaining and engaging. But they don’t want a dry lecture, they want to hear our story. When you’re wondering what stories you have to tell, try […]

  • Origin Stories

    What’s Yours? We all come from somewhere and we all have a story to tell. Do a quick Google search and you’ll quickly discover that storytelling for brand-building is hot in the corporate world. But that’s not my jam. I’m about people. As an editor, I help people perfect what they want to say and […]

  • REPRESENTATION: In Education, in the World and on the Page

    When, as People of Color, we change ourselves to accommodate an inherently racist status quo, we lose the best of what we have to offer our families, our communities and our ancestors.