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I bring a perspective informed by my experiences as a mixed Latina from The Bronx who has wrestled with (and continues to educate myself on) issues such as whiteness, racism, assimilation, colonization, and indigeneity.

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When we work together, we create goals, deadlines, and accountability through a customized program of coaching sessions ranging from one month to one year.

No matter the size or scope of your project, whether it’s an essay, an article, a story, or a book, I provide the support you need to hold your finished product in your hand or share your story in front of a crowd.

An immensely gifted and skilled reader, Jesi not only gets the story I’m trying to tell, but also knows the questions to ask that will have me tell it better. She’s got an enormous frame of reference and can pull inspirations and ideas from seemingly innumerable sources to provide suggestions and guidance for going forward. I love working with her because she’s passionate about supporting writers to do their best work, and is nurturing while also holding me to a higher standard. You cannot find a better ally for your work, and your growth as a writer

Sean, Screenwriter

Select Projects

Decolonizing Wellness by Dalia Kinsey, published by Benbella/Random Houe

This Land is Your Land, published by Quincy Manor

We Need a Reckoning, published by Blue Cactus Press

The Little Book of Branding, by Ivelisse Morales

The Art of War for Creatives, by Charyn Harris

The New Right Stuff , by Loretta Hidalgo Whites

The Elemental Woman, by Tara Lee Clasen

Simplified SEFT Tapping, by Valerie Lis


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