What I enjoy most about working with Jesi is that she is able to use her expert knowledge to quickly help me think more strategically and purposefully about the best ways to communicate my ideas and story to my audience.

Time To Write, 2021

What I do

I meet writers where they are and take them seriously as thought leaders, wisdom keepers, and creative artists.

I bring a perspective informed by my experiences as a mixed Latina from The Bronx who has wrestled with (and continues to educate myself on) issues such as whiteness, racism, assimilation, colonization, and imposter syndrome. To me, representation means that our whole selves make it onto the page and that we show up in our writing authentically, powerfully, and with integrity.

Book Proposal Consulting

When you feel ready to birth a nonfiction book, whether you consider yourself an influencer or a subject matter expert, you’re going to need a proposal. Even if you plan to self-publish, a solid book proposal provides a roadmap for getting your project from the idea stage and into the hands of your ideal reader. And, even if you do plan to self-publish, just know that I will urge you to consider going with a publisher. Your voice is important and it’s most likely never been heard. The world needs you.

Work with me

substantive/copy Editing

When your manuscript feels finished but you know it could use some syntactical and structural help, you need a substantive editor to assure your sentences, paragraphs, and chapters flow.

When your manuscript is finished and just needs a few tweaks here and there, you need a copy editor to do things like distinguishing between colons, semi-colons, and commas, and assuring consistency in names, capitalizations, and hyphens.

I do both.

Work with me

Writing Together

Our growing community of Global Majority Writers comes together twice a week to set intentions, support each other and, most importantly, to write.

Our community serves writers of all genres and media, and we all share a commitment to equity as well as an approach to writing that is generous, tenacious, and open to growth.

The community is open to new members at the beginning of each month. Email me for further details.

Time To Write

At the beginning of every season, I facilitate an all-day, online retreat for writers of all genres and media. The day, which runs from 10 – 5 (Pacific) consists of intention setting, one-on-one consultations with me, and time for sharing and feedback.

I keep these sessions intentionally small (no more than six writers) in order to assure the intimacy, depth, and safety that writers need for creative exploration and experimentation.

Jesi is a great facilitator. She provides helpful feedback that is encouraging and affirming and doesn’t make me question if I should still write. There’s room for evolving, growth and grace with myself.

Time to Write, 2021

Select Projects

Decolonizing Wellness by Dalia Kinsey, published by Benbella/Random Houe

This Land is Your Land, published by Quincy Manor

We Need a Reckoning, published by Blue Cactus Press

The Little Book of Branding, by Ivelisse Morales

The Art of War for Creatives, by Charyn Harris

The New Right Stuff , by Loretta Hidalgo Whites

The Elemental Woman, by Tara Lee Clasen

Simplified SEFT Tapping, by Valerie Lis


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