What I enjoy most about working with Jesi is that she is able to use her expert knowledge to quickly help me think more strategically and purposefully about the best ways to communicate my ideas and story to my audience.

Time To Write, 2021

Book Proposal Consulting

Whether you consider yourself an influencer or a subject matter expert, and you’ve got a nonfiction book in you, you’re going to need a proposal. Even if you’re planning on self-publishing, a solid book proposal will provide you, the writer, with a roadmap for getting from idea to finished project. And then, quite possibly, to a publisher.

Writing Together”

Our growing community of Global Majority Writers comes together twice a week to set intentions, support each other and, most importantly, to write.

Our community serves writers of all genres and media, and we all share a commitment to equity as well as an approach to writing that is generous, tenacious, and open to growth.

The community is open to new members at the beginning of each month. Email me for further details.

“Time To Write”

At the beginning of every season, I facilitate an all-day, online retreat for writers of all genres and media. The day, which runs from 10 – 5 (Pacific) consists of intention setting, one-on-one consultations with me, and time for sharing and feedback.

I keep these sessions intentionally small (no more than six writers) in order to assure the intimacy, depth, and safety that writers need for creative exploration and experimentation.


I am available on a limited basis for coaching and consulting on book proposals, poetry, and non-fiction focused on the topics of spirituality, psychology, leadership, and healing.

Jesi is a great facilitator. She provides helpful feedback that is encouraging and affirming and doesn’t make me question if I should still write. There’s room for evolving, growth and grace with myself.

Time to Write, 2021

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