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Miss America, aka America Chavez, the Marvel superhero written by Gabby Rivera, has a VERY complicated origin story.

We all come from somewhere and we all have a story to tell. Do a quick Google search and you’ll quickly discover that storytelling for brand-building is hot in the corporate world. But that’s not my jam.

I’m about people.

Origin Stories: They’re Not Just For Superheroes

As an editor, I help people perfect what they want to say and give them the confidence to get it out in the world. And as a writing instructor and workshop facilitator, I support writers and non-writers alike to find their stories in the first place.

Unless you were blessed with a robust storytelling gene, it’s not always easy to know your own story. Looking back on your life, you may see so many twists and turns, so many ups and downs, that figuring out how it all led you here can seem impossible. And even though you may not automatically know how to tell or write a story, as a human being, you immediately know a good one, or a bad one, when you hear it.

We’ve all been there. We’ve asked someone about something, and heard “first this happened, and then that happened, and then this other thing happened…” and before we’ve known what was happening, our eyes have glazed over and we’ve excused ourselves to get another drink. We’ve all been the listener and, even worse, the teller of a poorly structured tale and it’s never a shining moment for anyone.

But there’s a solution.

Origin Stories: What’s Yours?

Designed specifically for entrepreneurs, this workshop covers everything you need to tell your own story: whether it’s for a bio, blog or article, or a panel, interview or podcast.

Our origin Stories are as unique as our fingerprints, and once we understand how to put together where we’ve been, what we’ve learned, and where we’re going, we’re able to tell them with confidence and power.

And we’ll never find ourselves awkwardly struggling to introduce ourself, in print or in person, again.

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