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In Your Own Voice

We don’t often take the time to reflect back on times of significant change in our lives, and sometimes we don’t even notice them while their happening.

When we take the time to distinguish the stories we’ve lived, we get to know ourselves better and can appreciate the journeys of our lives more than we ever have.

Our Seasons of Change: Nurturing Discovery and Connection through Story

a one day or eight-week workshop

The only certainty in life is change and just as the seasons go through cycles of rebirth and death, so do we. In this workshop, we use the seasons as metaphor for developing stories about those times in our lives when something significant changed, either internally or externally.  We also explore how our stories, and the meanings we give them, evolve along with our own lives.

In a safe and creative environment, I invite participants to explore experiences of change from the subtle to the dramatic and support them to practice telling their stories publicly.

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