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In Your Own Voice

It took me many years to make sense of my ancestry.

Questions of whether Jews count as white, whether Latinos constitute a race, and what box I should check when filling out a form called my identity into question on the regular.

But one thing was always clear. Racism harms everything it touches. And it touches everything.

Addressing Racism and Anti-Blackness Through Writing and Storytelling

a one or two day retreat

When it comes to matters of liberation and the dismantling of patriarchal white supremacy, we all need to be healed – though we are not all in need of the same kind of healing. 

People whose families have suffered from generations of brutality and marginalization must heal in different ways from those whose families perpetrated that brutality, as well as from those people called mixed whose very existence disrupts the false binaries of race and colorism. 

In this workshop, I invite you to explore inherited and lived experiences of oppression and liberation through the healing practice of expressive writing. In this workshop, participants have the opportunity to share their writings and reflections, though no one is required to.

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