The idea for Writing Together came about because writers from my Time To Write retreats had a hard time making time to write outside of the time we spent together. In addition to quarterly all-day writing sessions, they wanted accountability and companionship to keep them writing on a regular basis and, because I love giving writers what they need to succeed, I created this program. Here are the details:

  • Registration: I’ve just launched a Patreon account for writers to register for this offering.
  • Cost: The minimum cost for a month of sessions on Patreon is $25.  If $25 is more than you can afford, let me know and we’ll set you up at a lower price point. It is always my intention to make my offerings accessible and affordable, but it’s also my intention to value my time and not give away my work for free — so I’m committed to finding that sweet spot that works for everyone.
  • Commitment: If you choose, your month-to-month commitment will renew at the beginning of each month. You can also  choose to end your participation at any time, or take a month or two off when you want a break.
  • Schedule: Right now, writing sessions are scheduled for 7am (Pacific)/10am (Eastern) on Mondays and 7pm (Pacific)/10pm (Eastern) on Wednesdays. If this schedule doesn’t work, we can look for better times once we get started.
  • Attendance: You can attend as many or as few sessions a month as you like. The point is to build writing into your schedule and to know that people are expecting you to show up  and write when you say you will: and they will be disappointed when you don’t.
  • Intention Setting: The first week of each month, we set intentions for the month. This way, we’ll be better equipped to encourage each other to meet our deadlines and goals as we go along. 
  • For more information, email me at
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